WALT: do statistical investigations.

 I learned how to complete a statistical investigation.

 I achieved my goal because I learned how to do a statistical investigation.

 Next time I will give people more interesting questions.

reciprocal reading.

WALT:do reciprocal reading and move around classes to do it.

 I learned that reciprocal reading involves student being leaders.

 I achieved my goal because I either got chose or not.

 Next time I will get better at my leading and get better ideas.

Te Reo Maori.

WALT:speak Te Reo Maori.

 I learned how to speak Te Reo Maori and use phrases.

 I achieved my goal because I learnt how to speak Te Reo and I participated in it.

 Next time I will practice my pronunciation. 


WALT: Throw, strike and kick large balls.

 I learned how to kick a large ball with the side of my foot.

 I achieved my goal because I kept trying to get my accuracy perfect and in the end I got it perfect.

 Next time I will try to lift the ball off the ground and also try to get it far.


WALT:Know grouping within 1000.

 I learned that box problems like 555+545=1000 I thought it was 555+555=1000

 I achieved my goal because i found out that 555+545=1000 and not 555+555=1000.

 Next time I will always do 10 less.

Visual Art Term 2/3

WALT: To create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian ink.

 I learned that Indian ink can stain your clothes for ever and bright colours will pop on the page.

 I achieved my goal because I used bold pastel and neat lines.

 Next time I will try not to smudge the chalk.

Te Reo blog post

WALT: Introduce our selves in Maori.

 I learned that my iwi, awa and maunga is different to some other people and I have to remember it.

 I achieved my goal because when I get stuck I will keep trying and in the end i will get it right.

 Next time I will try to remember my maunga, iwi and awa.

Our phrase of the fortnight is ka taea ahau te haere ki te wharepaku?
can I go to the toilet?

Ko Aden toku ingoa.
No Otautahi ahau.